Individualized Supported Living (ISL)

In the early 1990s, our CEO (Julie Schupp) was finishing her degree at Truman State University while working as the Assistant Director for some group homes in Kirksville.   During this time frame, the Department of Mental Health unveiled a new model of service called “Individualized Supported Living” (ISL).  Julie was intrigued because ISLs offered people with developmental disabilities a path out of institutional living and in to their communities.  An ISL was their ticket to having an ordinary life, just like those around them.

In 1992, Julie made the leap and co-founded a business with that mission in mind.  Through ISLs, she was able to Provide Ordinary Lives for these Extraordinary People.

Boone Supported Living – Today

Today, Julie and her team continue this work by partnering with families to ensure  their children with developmental disabilities launch successfully from home and without fear of ending up in a nursing home or other institutional setting.   We help families be the super-heros their loved one needs them to be.  Together, we are often able to pull off what was once impossible.

How is this achieved?

Listen:   Families are often overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.  They feel alone and without hope.  Our team listens to their heartache, struggles, goals and dreams.  We empathize with their struggles and their frustration with a system that seems impossible to maneuver.

Discuss:  We expose families to a plethora of services and supports; a few that are easily attained and others that need some expertise to achieve.   Together, we  identify necessary outcomes and develop a plan to reach their desired goals.

Deliver:  If a family is looking to receive ISL, Host Home or Self-Directed Support services, we start them down that path and establish long-term partnerships.  If the family needs services that Boone Supported Living does not provide, we expose and open doors they often cannot find themselves and assist in accessing them.

Some of our most heartfelt stories come from young people that were trapped in nursing homes or desperate families that felt they had no option other than to leave their loved one at the hospital doors.

There is help out there and we can guide you there.

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