What We Do

Boone Supported Living partners with parents fighting to successfully launch their child with developmental disabilities from the nest and into a home of their own.  We listen.  We discuss.  We deliver a path to solutions currently eluding families desperate for hope.  BSL fights to help you, so you can help them have an ordinary life.

Our Approach

The BSL approach is relational.  Each member of our community with a developmental disability is unique, requiring a different kind of support and care. Initially, we listen.  Parents have a lifetime of experience with their child.  Boone Supported Living has decades of experience with the “system”.  If together we can’t find a solution, Boone Supported Living knows who can.  Then, we partner with the family to develop a plan that paves a way to their desired outcome.  Finally, we deliver.  If the family qualifies for and would like our services, we walk them through to the finish line.  If the family is in need of services BSL does not provide, we help them find someone who can.  With a plan in hand, they are well on their way to attaining what’s best for their child.

Our Team

No one individual can pull all of this off.  It is through the efforts of over 100 people that magic happens at Boone Supported Living. Our CEO expects excellence, not perfection, from her team and provides the tools necessary to achieve it.  Her open-door policy makes it easy for all team members to access her, whether they are in upper management or a brand new recruit.  She leads as she expects the team to lead; by following our Mission Statement, Philosophy, and Core Values. Our House Managers and Professional Managers use their experience to guide their teams to achieve our overarching goal of inclusiveness and belonging, while at the same time, keeping us in compliance with a multitude of government regulations. Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) are trained to ensure your loved one is safe, but more importantly, that they are involved in activities and groups of their choice.  Everyone has a need to belong and it is a DSP’s goal to ensure each individual they work with achieves that. Boone Supported Living’s Nursing Team coordinates care with medical professionals and trains staff on best practices for each person we serve. Our Quality Assurance Lead scours charts and gives troublesome findings to management for follow-up.  Her motto:  “They Respect What You Inspect.” And of course, there is our Administrative Team that ensures bills are paid and the office is running smoothly.  As one famous first lady put it…”It takes a village.”

A Community Resource

Boone Supported Living is involved with the following groups fighting to improve the lives of people with developmental disabilities. Chamber of Commerce – building relationships with local, state and federal lawmakers while educating them on our issues and getting them on board MARF – combining the experience and education of industry providers, state-wide to find solutions to problems identified with Missouri’s mental health system, and to lobby congress about issues relevant to those we serve. Disability Commission – addressing city laws and ordinances affecting people with disabilities Fair Housing Commission – dissecting housing challenges in Columbia and ensuring the voices of people with disabilities are at the table before recommendations are sent to City Council Columbia Inclusive Housing Network – resourcing  this parent-driven organization looking for solutions to their children’s future housing needs Community and Parent Action Network – listening to and resourcing parents on a variety of topics discussed at monthly meetings Families – resourcing families of people with developmental disabilities, not associated with our agency, to develop a plan and begin its execution

Your loved one is counting on you. Together, we can get it done.

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Proud Sponsor

Boone Supported Living takes great pride in being a dedicated sponsor of the 2024 True/False Film Festival in Columbia, MO. T/F unites filmmakers, artists, and musicians to craft an engaging and communal experience centered on films rooted in real-life stories.

We highly recommend the film “This Is Going To Be Big,” which chronicles the journey of neurodiverse high school students in Australia as they audition, rehearse, and stage their biennial production—a unique school musical revolving around Australian singer John Farnham. By purchasing your tickets here, you actively contribute to supporting the arts. Read More: https://bit.ly/42Xcn5f