Meet our Team

Julie Schupp

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Direct: (573) 514-7662
Experience: 20+ years
Busy With: Disabilities Commission, Vice-Chair
Chamber of Commerce, member
Woodcrest Chapel, band vocals
CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate)
VIC (Volunteer in Corrections)
Passion: Julie has a passion for helping others succeed. It’s what makes her such a valuable member of our team.
Fun: For fun, Julie enjoys hanging out with friends and family.

John Allen Jr.

Executive Director
Direct: (573) 514-7662
Experience: 18 years
Busy With: Family, Coaching, RTD Ministries
Passion: Being a husband/father/friend, Helping others find their own passions, Learing how to learn, Leading
Fun: Sports (Cubs and Eagles), Sports, Sports
Charles Parrish

Charles Parrish

Chief Operations Officer & Co-Owner
Direct: 573-544-0533
Experience: 5 + years
Busy With: Charles supports the corporate side of BSL, which includes financials, human resources, training, technology, systems support, process development, and more.
Passion: Empowering those who are otherwise disenfranchised within society.
Fun: Volunteering, bike riding, traveling, and spending time with friends and family.
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Brittany Doscher

Professional Manager
Experience: 13 + years
Busy With: Brittany Doscher is a new mom to an active baby girl and a dog mom to a motley crew of four pups!
Passion: Brittany, otherwise known as "BT," is passionate about her family and friends. She encourages the individuals she serves to be their best self and live their life to the fullest. Doscher is also highly passionate about Diet Dr. Peppers and sweet teas.
Fun: Doscher enjoys traveling, going on road trips, concerts, cross-fit gym events, shopping (for others), seeing friends and family, and attempting to be crafty.

Erica Steinbeck

Professional Manager
Busy With: Family, work, and doing specialty modeling with a private company.
Passion: I am passionate about the individual that I serve and being a mom. I am a devoted advocate and active in spreading awareness of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault on different platforms.
Fun: For fun I enjoy anything that has to do with make-up, writing, and cooking – “name your dish and I will cook it for you”.
Haley Weathers Headshot

Haley Parvin

Professional Manager
Experience: 6 years
Busy With: Haley Weather and her husband have two spunky boys, three stepsons, and three cats that keep her on her toes!
Passion: "The earth is music for those who listen" - Unknown Nature is Haley's passion aside from being altruistic.
Fun: For fun she loves capturing nature in photos! Along with traveling and camping with her family. She enjoys making others along with herself laugh and have fun.
Jessica Headshot

Jessica Helling

Professional Manager
Experience: 13+ years
Busy With: Jessica Helling stays busy spending time with her two adorable boys, niece and nephews usually on a field or court, with her dog and work.
Passion: Helling is passionate about health and fitness, adventures, mindfulness, and helping others. Just to name few!
Fun: Jessica enjoys being on a beach, going to the lake or any bodies of water, the kids sports events, arcades and comedy.

Kristen Hutson

Professional Manager
Direct: (573) 514-7662
Experience: 8 years
Busy With: Family, Managing two ISL homes
Passion: Kristen is very passionate about her family and friends. She is also very passionate about being a mother and working with all our individuals, and helping them succeed in life
Fun: Float trips, hanging out with friends and family, road trips, bonfires
Lisa Headshot

Lisa Attruia

Professional Manager
Experience: 3+ years
Busy With: Lisa Attruia stays busy with her family, her dogs, her career, and continued education.
Passion: Lisa is passionate about her family, her friends and helping others find their joy in life.
Fun: Lisa enjoys being outside in the sunshine, playing in the water with kayaks or going on a SCUBA adventure. She unwinds with her art creations and cooking for get-togethers.
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Megan Mullenix

Professional Manager
Experience: 15+ years
Busy With: Megan stays busy with four growing children and a job that she loves!
Passion: Mullenix passion is helping people and advocating for those who can't do so for themselves.
Fun: You can find Megan out enjoying nature, her family and friends, and traveling.
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Melissa Scallions

Professional Manager
Experience: 2+ years
Busy With: Melissa Scallions stays busy with two kids and is a domestic violence advocate for Linn Police department.
Passion: Scallions is passionate about helping those less fortunate and those in crises.
Fun: For fun she enjoys traveling and being with friends and family.
Cornellia Williams Headshot

Cornellia Williams

Human Resources Manager
Experience: 3+ years
Busy With: Cornellia Williams stays busy as she learns her new role as the Human Resources Manager.
Passion: Her passion is loving people.
Fun: For Fun, Williams enjoys working on DIY projects and meeting new people.

Leah Stein

Quality Assuarance Lead
Direct: (573) 514-7662
Experience: 30+ years
Busy With: Kids, grandkids, Church and Music.
Passion: Leah is passionate about helping staff learn skills to provide quality care to individuals, helping individuals transition from high school to all phases of adult life. She also currently serves as the Music Director at an area church
Fun: Leah loves going to movies, theater, concerns, trivia contests and escape rooms!
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Sheila Ehler

Registered Nurse
Experience: 36+ years
Busy With: Ehler stays busy spending time with her two grandchildren and four dogs.
Passion: She loves to read books, listen to music (especially 70's music), and spending time with her family!
Fun: You can find Sheila out on the trails going for walks, traveling (especially to the Big Apple) and enjoying a good movie.
Kenda Heimericks Headshot

Kenda Heimericks

Finance Manager
Experience: 15+ years
Busy With: Kenda Heimericks stays busy with being a sports mom, wife, friend, and neighbor.
Passion: Heimericks fell in love with numbers at a young age and turned it into a career. She strives to learn something new whenever possible.
Fun: For fun she loves to travel, to read, and to learn. Kenda can often be found coaching or managing one of her kid's sports teams.

Rachel President

Scheduling Coordinator
Direct: 573-514-7662 Ext. 102
Experience: 9-years with direct care, 15+ years in management
Busy With: Ensuring our individuals staffing needs are being met.