Individualized Supported Living

Does your adult child with IDD want to move out of your house like others his/her age? Are you aging and concerned about who will care for her once you’re gone? We can help you navigate through these confusing times to ensure the best possible outcome. It IS possible, and we can show the way.

Host Homes

Home should be everyone’s safe place. A place where you are most comfortable. A place where you can freely express yourself. A place where you can be yourself. A place where you belong. A Host Home may just be the perfect setting for your loved one with IDD as they move to the next step in their journey.

Support Brokerage

This is a service provided to those interested in a Self-Directed Supports model of service.

Self-directed supports (SDS) is an option for service delivery for individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, who live in their own private residence or that of their family member, who wish to exercise more choice, control and authority over their waiver supports. SDS is firmly grounded in the principles of self-determination.