Boone Supported Living works with our local, state, and federal officials to ensure people with developmental disabilities have a voice; to ensure they have full access to their communities, to ensure necessary services are funded, and raise awareness to systems problems in mental health affecting those we serve.

We also work to raise awareness in our local community hoping to include them in our lives as we try to enter theirs.

Washington DC - Julie Walden, CEO, Advocates for People with Developmental Disabilities

Organized by the Columbia Chamber of Commerce

Boone Supported Living’s CEO joined members of the Chamber of Commerce on a trip to DC where they met with elected officials who represent Missouri.

11 Jul 2018


Ed McManus’s Newsletter Feature

Jim Waldrip is a 44-year-old guy in a wheelchair with a stomach tube. He has cerebral palsy and epilepsy, and communicates using an IPAD with an augmentative program. That hasn’t stopped him from leading a full life. But the Illinois service system didn’t work out for him, so he and his family moved to Missouri, where he’s doing great.

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10 Jul 2018

Carl DeBrodie case: Boone Supported Living's CEO says, "There are holes in the system".


CEO Julie Walden lays out ideas on what YOU can do to help fix the holes.

05 Jun 2018

Gary Nolan highlights Boone Supported Living and the work they do for people with developmental disabilities

The Eagle 93.9 Talk Radio

Boone Supported Living makes flub, live, on-air…“What was our website again?”

23 March 2018

The Case Of Carl DeBrodie: Boone Supported Living CEO identifies problems with the system


CEO Julie Walden says caseloads for governmental Support Coordinators are too high and unmanageable.


14 July 2017

Senator Caleb Rowden puts names and faces to people being helped by Boone Supported Living


Following the Carl DeBrodie incident, Senator Caleb Rowden visits Boone Supported Living to see how ISL’s are supposed to operate.

11 July 2017

MARF highlights Boone Supported Living as they work with Legislators

Missouri Times

Senator Rowden visits Boone Supported Living to see how the lives of Missourians living with disabilities are being improved every day.

10 July 2017

Carl DeBrodie case: Boone Supported Living Gives Hope to Families with Loved Ones in Care.


CEO and Founder Julie Walden states that multiple systems must have failed in Carl’s case because typical governmental oversight of people in care is far more thorough.

25 May 2017

Disability Commission's Vice-Chair, Julie Walden, Leads Fight to Repeal City Ordinance


CEO Julie Walden seeks housing for consumers of Boone Supported Living and comes across city ordinances limiting where people with disabilities are allowed to live.

07 September 2016