Self-Directed Supports

This is a service provided to those interested in a Self-Directed Supports model of service.

Self-directed supports (SDS) is an option for service delivery for individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, who live in their own private residence or that of their family member, who wish to exercise more choice, control and authority over their waiver supports. SDS is firmly grounded in the principles of self-determination.

As a Support Broker, Boone Supported Living provides the individual/designated representative with information and assistance to secure the supports and services identified in the annual plan developed by a Treatment Team.  The Support Broker does not do these tasks for the individual/designated representative but provides information and assistance enabling individuals to fulfill their employer related SDS responsibilities. The goal for everyone in SDS is to move towards ‘Independence’ and for individuals and families to have the support they need to self-direct services.


Step One

Eligibility Criteria

Step Two

Schedule a BSL Visit

Step Three

DMH In-Take