Creating Lifelong Bonds

Home is where every individual should feel the most comfortable being and expressing themself. Home is where security and belonging meet and that is why Boone Supported Living offers Host Homes as an option for people with developmental disabilities. People residing in these homes are invited into every aspect of the Host family’s life, forming timeless bonds within a family unit.

Boone Supported Living is proud to offer Host Homes for people with developmental disabilities as more than just a housing option. Through this disabled housing program, we hope our clients obtain a full life in their community as well.

If you are considering a Host Home for a loved one who requires specialized support, give us a call at (573) 514-7662.

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If you like this model, Boone Supported Living will help locate and train a family interested in providing this service in their home, somewhat like adult foster care. The main difference is that we provide the family a living wage and there is no expectation that the move would be temporary. There is no aging out of this system as there is in a typical foster care arrangement.

The Provider Family is responsible for locating individuals to help provide respite, as needed. They send their referrals to Boone Supported Living where we conduct background checks and provide all needed training.

In this disabled housing model, your loved one will live in the home of the Provider Family you select.

We believe everyone needs to feel they belong somewhere, and we go all out to help our individuals achieve this. In this model, individual interests are considered but often times, your loved one’s sense of belonging will mirror those of the Provider Family. That is one of many reasons that your choice of Provider Family is critical.

The family providing the service will live the home. Other individuals with IDD in need of support may also live there. Your loved one will never have to share a bedroom.

This arrangement is as easy as it gets. Each month, a set amount from your loved one’s Social Security benefit is paid to your chosen Provider Family. This covers ALL room and board expenses. The Provider Family pays all the bills and ensures substantial food is available and prepared as needed.

How will your loved one get to the doctor or to community activities? Your Provider Family provides transportation for all such things. You can rest assured that they will be transported and accompanied by people that know and care about them.

The private family home is a great place to develop or enhance interpersonal skills. In this setting, consistency is more easily achieved as there are fewer people doing the teaching.


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