Offering the Freedom They Deserve

Individualized Supported Living offers those with developmental disabilities an opportunity to live simple, everyday lives in our community. Boone Supported Living partners with parents to ensure the one they love is able to lead an ordinary life.

If you have a loved one with developmental disabilities, contact Boone Supported Living by calling (573) 514-7662 to schedule a visit today.

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Boone Supported Living hires and trains Direct Support Professionals to assist with everything listed below and more. We can provide DSPs for only a few hours a day or we can have them on site around the clock, every day of the year. You and a treatment team choose, and we will make it happen.

BSL will help locate a home in an area of town that best fits the needs of your loved one. Is a home near city bus routes or a home at the end of a cul-de-sac preferred? It’s all up to you, just let us know and we will help you get there.

Most of us can’t afford to live without house mates so Boone Supported Living helps locate one or more to share the financial burden. It’s possible we already know that perfect someone. Just ask.

We believe everyone needs to feel they belong somewhere, and we go all out to help our individuals achieve this. What is your loved one interested in? Sports? Book clubs? Church groups? Theater? Let us help them discover new and exciting adventures.

Worried about bills getting paid or if there will be food in the fridge? BSL assists as much or as little is needed, so you won’t have to give it a second thought.

How will your loved one get to the doctor or to community activities? Boone Supported Living provides transportation for all such things. You can rest assured that they will be transported and accompanied by people that know and care about them.

Does your family member prefer to be around people his own age, people with similar interests, people with the same IDD challenges, or with people completely different than himself? Boone Supported Living seeks opportunities to meet these people and works to “pre-teach” interpersonal skills to your loved one ensuring the best possible chance of successful friendships developing. These skills can also be helpful when looking for employment.


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