Job Opportunities



• Lead with humility and professionalism.
• See Something. Hear Something. DO Something!
• Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.

1. Enrich the lives of our individuals. Build relationships and engage with consumers.
– Measured by annual consumer satisfaction surveys

2. Complete all required documentation.
– Measured by Lead Measure percentages

3. Team Player – Build feelings of mutual support: attendance, punctuality, going above and beyond…
– Measured by peer reviews

Enriching Lives
· Exhibit humble and professional leadership with your individuals.
· KNOW YOUR INDIVIDUALS. Know their likes and dislikes. Know how to best communicate with them. Know their medical needs. Know their stories. Know their IPs.
· Greet them when you arrive and say goodbye when you leave. We are guests in their homes.
· Have fun and enjoy your time at work.
· Actively engage with your individuals through conversation and activities.
· Initiate interactions for your individuals with their peers, their family, their co-workers, etc.
· Teach and model appropriate interpersonal skills with housemates, friends, and the community.
· Teach daily living skills and provide support, where needed.
· Transport your individuals to medical appointments, recreational events, and community outings.
· Ensure their medical needs are met.
· Provide well-balanced meals that they enjoy.
• Document
· Support: Detail all the supports that you provided in your daily note.
· Objectives: Complete and document, as directed.
· Medications: Administer as ordered by their physicians and document in MARs.
· Diet: Follow and document any special diet orders.
· Health Tracking: Weights, Seizures, BMs, Vitals, Glucose, etc…complete, and document, as directed.
· GERs: Complete for medical errors, falls, injuries observed or discovered, supports received from emergency responders, suspicions for abuse/neglect, or other unusual incidents.
·  Financial: Obtain receipts for all purchases made by your individuals and document as directed.
· Mileage: Document all mileage incurred while transporting your individual in the company and personal vehicles.
• Set your team up for success
· Exhibit humble and professional leadership toward your on-coming replacement
Communicate what you/individuals did and what they should be prepared for.
Ensure your individuals are ready and excited to greet your replacement.
Ensure your documentation is complete before leaving your replacement in charge.
Ensure your ISL, yard, and company vehicle are clean and ready for their use.
Ensure your replacement has the necessary supplies to complete their shift well. (food for menus, meds to administer, gas in the vehicle, etc.)
Ensure your replacement has a clear understanding of any activities on the calendar during their shift.
· Exhibit humble and professional leadership with your House Manager
Communicate when medications run low
Communicate when you notice food/household needs
Communicate any behavioral or medical concerns of your individuals
Communicate any struggles you are having with your individuals
Communicate any struggles you are having with a teammate
Communicate any struggles you are having with THEM.
· Exhibit humble and professional leadership in your role as a DSP
Keep a cool head when those around you are in a panic.
Immediately notify your HM, or the on-call phone when a GER is completed and give full details of the incident.
Actively participate in team meetings.
Fulfill your commitments and help others succeed in theirs.
Be flexible; job expectations and consumer needs often change.
Actively engage with professionals and/or family members that visit the ISL during your shift.
Operate your social media sites in a professional manner. Your posts reflect on BSL.
When in the community, remember that people are watching you to see how you are performing. Make us all proud.
· See something. Hear Something. DO Something.
Know the chain of command and follow it when you identify a problem.
DSPs – HMs – PMs – Executive Director – CEO
Nurses/Maintenance/Admin – Executive Director – CEO.

• Fill in shifts that are open, as needed, working overtime only when approved by the Scheduling Coordinator.

• Attend weekly Team Meetings.

• As assigned by House Manager.

• High School Diploma or GED

• Lead with humility and professionalism.
• See Something. Hear Something. DO Something!
• C0mmunicate. Communicate. Communicate.

• Lead well: treat your team, consumers, supervisors and families as you would like to be treated
o Measured by employee satisfaction surveys and annual reviews
• Maintain quality control: ensure consumers are healthy, well-fed, get to appointments on time.
o Measured by EMTs, APTs, Inquiries, Investigations, Provider Improvement Plans
• Spearhead crisis management and maintain stability. The responsibility is yours.
o Measured by response time to calls, texts and emails; compliant staffing ratios maintained

• Demonstrate and continuously re-teach BSL’s Core Values to your team and consumers.
• Be a positive and supportive communication bridge between upper management and DSPs.
• Lead by example by arriving early to shifts and meetings and doing your job with excellence.
• Lead by example and complete all DSP duties when serving in that capacity.
• Train all new DSPs in your ISL on specific ISPs and consumer objectives; location of paperwork, supplies and medications; routines of your ISL, preferences of consumers on your case load, etc.
• Supervise med passes for new L1MA graduates and when you have deemed them competent, submit such paperwork for their file to the Office Manager.
• Praise your DSPs regularly and often; verbally and through Facebook posts, texts, and ICUs.
• When needed, provide DSPs with immediate coaching and redirection and report all events to Professional Manager for additional follow-up and direction. Give all related documentation to Office Manager.
• Ensure DSPs follow individual’s ISPs, BSPs, Safety plans, medical orders, and document adequately on them.
• Ensure DSPs understand and follow company policies.
• Develop Direct Support Professional (DSP) schedules along with Staffing Coordinator and post on Tuesdays
• Communicate staffing needs and availability changes to Staffing Coordinator.
• Conduct monthly emergency drills in Therap.
• Turn in consumer bills to the office in a timely manner.
• Enter times, during business hours, that consumers will not be in the home.
• Enter times, during business hours, that you are unavailable on the BSL scheduling calendar.
• Ensure that each consumer is involved in at least one mainstream group sharing similar interests.
• Ensure that each consumer is involved in activities with their friends and peers.
• Include families and/or guardians in events whenever possible and appropriate.
• Communicate regularly with families and guardians to update them on:
o Good news: employment, health, relationships, activities, accomplishments, etc.
o Ordinary news: employment, health, relationships, activities, accomplishments, etc.
o Bad news: Discuss with your PM and let him/her deliver to interested parties.

• Schedule and/or attend annual and other medical appointments.
• Schedule transportation to and from medical appointments with Logisticare.
• Prepare consults and gather medical information needed for your consumer’s medical appointments.
• Leave medical appointments and/or hospital discharges only after required paperwork is received.
• Notify Nursing Coordinator of any medication changes and follow his/her directives on implementation.
• Notify Nursing Coordinator of any recent falls or delegations needed.
• Upload consults and changes to doctor’s orders into Therap.
• Ensure recommendations and follow-throughs ordered are completed and communicated to Nursing Coordinator.
• Read monthly Community RN summaries and correct problems cited as soon as possible.
• Update Nursing Coordinator on how you are correcting problems cited by RN and when they are complete.
• Only delegate medical appointments and/or hospital discharges if approved by Nursing Coordinator.

• Ensure ISL common areas are clean enough to pass a state inspection.
• Ensure consumer bedrooms and private baths have no trash that could draw bugs or bad odors.
• Ensure ISLs and company vehicles are well maintained, clean and smell good.
• Ensure ISL yard is kept neat and maintained.
• Ensure food open in refrigerator is dated, labeled and not more than 3 days old.
• Keep home and company vehicles in good working order. Submit maintenance requests when needed and ensure repairs are completed in a timely manner.
• Verify dryer lint traps are cleaned.
• Other duties, as needed.

• Be accessible by phone and respond to needs in a timely manner, including after hours.
• Be on-call for ISL from Monday 7a-Friday 3p and respond within 15 minutes.
• Provide weekend on-call, if your ISL doesn’t have a Weekend Lead.
• Follow on-call position job description.

• Work 8-32 hours of direct care per week. Hours determined on a case-by-case basis.
• If on salary and supervising more than one home, ensure NO overtime is accrued.
• Fill in shifts that are open as needed, working overtime only when approved by Staffing Coordinator.
• Lead a well-organized, well-managed home accepting responsibility that is supportive and loving to all consumers and staff.

• Attend Staff Meetings – monthly
• Attend Management Meetings – weekly
• Meet with new DSPs at 10-day, 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day intervals for training and follow-up coaching.
• Meet regularly with veteran DSPs to ensure they have what they need to thrive in their jobs.


• 60 college credit hours in business or human services
• 1-year management experience
• 1-year DSP experience preferred
• Obtain and maintain current certifications in CPR, 1st Aid, Level 1 Medication Aide, Abuse and Neglect Prevention, and Positive Behavior Supports as well as company policy reviews.


  1. Provide Ordinary Lives for Extraordinary People.
  2. Be Humble.
  3. Serve everyone you meet.
  4. Abide by a “No Gossip” culture.
  5. Be a Professional.
  6. Communicate. Communicate.
  7. Be a Team Player.

EXPECTATION SUMMARY Provider Families are compassionate people whoactively care about the well-being of an individual they have welcomed into their home.  Like foster parenting, it is a 24/7 job.  These families help people under their care identify life goals by developing and following the consumer’s annual service plan (ISP).  Provider Families teach responsibility and skills that will enhance the individual’s ability to connect with others.   They also include the individual living with them in family activities and home tasks, as it benefits their personal growth. Provider Families are INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS.  They are their own boss and run their homes the way they choose, as long as they are in compliance with DMH and Medicaid standards, rules, and regulations. KEY RESULTS AREAS

  1. Build relationships and engage with consumers. – Measured by annual consumer satisfaction survey
  2. Complete all required documentation. – Measured by EMTs, APTs, Inquires, Investigations, Provider Improvement Plans
  3. Team Player – Build feelings of mutual support with families, BSL, and TCMs/CD – Measured by stakeholder reviews


  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Trainings: CPR , First Aid, Abuse and Neglect, Positive Behavior Supports, HIPPA/Confidentiality, Level 1 Medication Aide, ISP, Documentation, Therap, etc
  • Keep certifications current, do not allow any to lapse!!!


  • Be 21 yearsof age
  • Have access to reliable transportation
  • Have an additional separate bedroom
  • Pass criminal background check and register with the Missouri FCSR

Full-time and Part-time positions available, starting at $13.10/hour. If contacted for an interview, please bring the following with you:

  • Proof of education (High School Diploma, GED, College transcript, College Degree)
  • Proof of vehicle insurance
  • Driver’s License
  • Social Security Card
  • Proof of any additional trainings relevant to position

  • Employment Application


  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY

  • Minimum GED or High School diploma





  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • If you are invited to interview, please bring a valid Driver's License, Social Security Card, Proof of Education, Proof of Auto Insurance, and FCSR Registration Confirmation (FCSR link located above this application).

  • You may also upload a cover letter and resumé if available.

  • Please upload your Cover Letter, Letter of Recommendation, or Resume if available
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf, .
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY