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  • Lead with humility and professionalism.
  •  See Something. Hear Something. DO Something!
  • Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.


  • Lead well: treat your team, consumers, supervisors and families as you would like to be treated
    • Measured by employee satisfaction surveys and annual reviews
  • Maintain quality control: ensure consumers are healthy, well-fed, get to appointments on time.
    • Measured by EMTs, APTs, Inquiries, Investigations, Provider Improvement Plans
  • Spearhead crisis management and maintain stability. The responsibility is yours.
    • Measured by response time to calls, texts and emails; compliant staffing ratios maintained


  •  Demonstrate and continuously re-teach BSL’s Core Values to your team and consumers.
  • Be a positive and supportive communication bridge between upper management and DSPs.
  •  Lead by example by arriving early to shifts and meetings and doing your job with excellence.
  • Lead by example and complete all DSP duties when serving in that capacity.
  • Train all new DSPs in your ISL on specific ISPs and consumer objectives; location of paperwork, supplies and medications; routines of your ISL, preferences of consumers on your caseload, etc.
  • Supervise med passes for new L1MA graduates and when you have deemed them competent, submit such paperwork for their file to the Office Manager.
  • Praise your DSPs regularly and often; verbally and through Facebook posts, texts, and ICUs.
  • When needed, provide DSPs with immediate coaching and redirection and report all events to Professional Manager for additional follow-up and direction. Give all related documentation to Office Manager.
  • Ensure DSPs follow individual’s ISPs, BSPs, Safety plans, medical orders, and document adequately on them.
  • Ensure DSPs understand and follow company policies.
  • Develop Direct Support Professional (DSP) schedules along with Staffing Coordinator and post on Tuesdays
  • Communicate staffing needs and availability changes to Staffing Coordinator.
  • Conduct monthly emergency drills in Therap.
  •  Turn in consumer bills to the office in a timely manner.
  •  Enter times, during business hours, that consumers will not be in the home.
  •  Enter times, during business hours, that you are unavailable on the BSL scheduling calendar.
  •  Ensure that each consumer is involved in at least one mainstream group sharing similar interests.
  • Ensure that each consumer is involved in activities with their friends and peers.
  • Include families and/or guardians in events whenever possible and appropriate.
  • Communicate regularly with families and guardians to update them on:
    • Good news: employment, health, relationships, activities, accomplishments, etc.
    • Ordinary news: employment, health, relationships, activities, accomplishments, etc.
    • Bad news: Discuss with your PM and let him/her deliver to interested parties.


  • Schedule and/or attend annual and other medical appointments.
  • Schedule transportation to and from medical appointments with Logisticare.
  • Prepare consults and gather medical information needed for your consumer’s medical appointments.
  • Leave medical appointments and/or hospital discharges only after required paperwork is received.
  • Notify Nursing Coordinator of any medication changes and follow his/her directives on implementation.
  • Notify Nursing Coordinator of any recent falls or delegations needed.
  • Upload consults and changes to doctor’s orders into Therap.
  • Ensure recommendations and follow-throughs ordered are completed and communicated to Nursing Coordinator.
  • Read monthly Community RN summaries and correct problems cited as soon as possible.
  • Update Nursing Coordinator on how you are correcting problems cited by RN and when they are complete.
  • Only delegate medical appointments and/or hospital discharges if approved by Nursing Coordinator.


  •  Ensure ISL common areas are clean enough to pass a state inspection.
  •  Ensure consumer bedrooms and private baths have no trash that could draw bugs or bad odors.
  •  Ensure ISLs and company vehicles are well maintained, clean and smell good.
  •  Ensure ISL yard is kept neat and maintained.
  •  Ensure food open in refrigerator is dated, labeled and not more than 3 days old.
  •  Keep home and company vehicles in good working order. Submit maintenance requests when needed and ensure repairs are completed in a timely manner.
  •  Verify dryer lint traps are cleaned.
  •  Other duties, as needed.


  •  Be accessible by phone and respond to needs in a timely manner, including after hours.
  •  Be on-call for ISL from Monday 7a-Friday 3p and respond within 15 minutes.
  •  Provide weekend on-call, if your ISL doesn’t have a Weekend Lead.
  •  Follow on-call position job description.


  •  Work 8-32 hours of direct care per week. Hours determined on a case-by-case basis.
  •  If on salary and supervising more than one home, ensure NO overtime is accrued.
  •  Fill in shifts that are open as needed, working overtime only when approved by Staffing Coordinator.
  •  Lead a well-organized, well-managed home accepting responsibility that is supportive and loving to all consumers and staff.


  • Attend Staff Meetings – monthly
  •  Attend Management Meetings – weekly
  • Meet with new DSPs at 10-day, 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day intervals for training and follow-up coaching.
  •  Meet regularly with veteran DSPs to ensure they have what they need to thrive in their jobs.


  • 60 college credit hours in business or human services
  • 1-year management experience
  • 1-year DSP experience preferred
  • Obtain and maintain current certifications in CPR, 1st Aid, Level 1 Medication Aide, Abuse and Neglect Prevention, and Positive Behavior Supports as well as company policy reviews.